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In my almost decade long career, I'm most fortunate to have met Travis Whittaker.  In an industry filled with unethical businesses and business people, Travis stands tall and firm with his ethics.  This was the first reason I value our relationship, but beyond that Travis practices what he preaches.   He stands firm with his recovery and screams it from the rooftops.  He does not stigmatize his sobriety, rather he is proud of it.  Professionally I would highly recommend Travis, which is something I will only say about 1% of my colleagues.

-Daniel Kelso
Founder and President
Infinite Arches

Who We are

Living Recovery Interventions (LRI) offers a breadth of services to address the needs of families and individual living with addictions, mood and personality disorders, and other addictive health conditions.

What We Offer

We provide private concierge intervention services to families. And individuals.

Areas of Expertise

We help locate appropriate treatment and aftercare options and help create and implement sustainable plans in the following areas.

Learn why LRI was founded and what we provide to families and individuals in this video interview with founder Travis Whittaker.

Travis has a passion for helping addicts reclaim their lives.  He understands addiction because he has lived through it.  Travis is professional, empathetic and kind.  He is knowledgeable of the treatment industry and is committed to finding the right program based on the individual needs of each client.  I highly recommend him!
Nancy W.

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I've been in and out of programs for years and met many different kinds did people with many different personalities and morals. Travis Whittaker and the people he has worked with have been the most influential people in my life and my sobriety. He is one of the most caring and upstanding individuals I have met through my experiences. I would recommend literally anyone seeking treatment or any family searching for help for a loved one to go through him. You will not be disappointed with the lengths he will go to keep you or your family member safe, healthy, and happy. I have no doubt that his only objective through his business is to help as many addicts as he can be able to enjoy a drug free life and not just survive, thrive!
Thanks again to Travis and the amazing people he works with you have all helped me save my own life and I will be forever grateful to you!
Ben W.

caring intervention services provided by fully trained and certified professionals


At Living Recovery Interventions we are fully trained and certified by the The Addictions Academy. What that means for you is that we are certified to be top interventionists in order to better assist you and your family to find the most appropriate setting, using the most appropriate methods catered to the individual in order to help them begin their path to recovery - the right way.

We are trained extensively in invitational and surprise models, as well as business and family interventions.

Travis is compassionate, transparent, and makes you and your loved ones feel comfortable while transitioning their lives from addiction to recovery. I highly recommend Travis for his intervention services!
-Courtney D.

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